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Welcome to the world of online payroll


Simplicity Defined

Sage One Payroll is the smart way to go for online payroll software that can be accessed 24/7 via the internet. You can simply sign up, add your employees and start processing within 5 minutes. Sage Online Payroll provides standard reports giving you instant access to your payroll information in a variety of formats, including PDF, Excel, Word, etc.

Ideal for start-up and small businesses, this online payroll system allows unlimited earnings (what you owe the employee) and deductions (what the employee owes you or someone else) and automatically calculates all the statutory amounts (UIF, SDL and PAYE) to leave you with the correct net salary due at payday. It couldn’t be any simpler.

Available 24/7 wherever you are!

No more is your Payroll available on only one computer or in only one place. Because Sage One Payroll is online, you can simply login from wherever you are and start working. You can access your data from the cloud which means that your data is available online, anywhere, anytime. All you need is an internet connection.

Fully SARS compliant

All the necessary payroll legislation is taken care of. Comply with SARS requirements and generate tax certificates in one simple step. What’s more, SARS submissions are a breeze. With no manual recapturing, you can generate tax certificates and create your e@syFile ‘file’ for submission to SARS quickly and easily. Sage Online Payroll software comes standard with an EMP501 report.

Your UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund) Submissions can be sent directly to the Department of Labour, and you will be fully compliant with the Employer Tax Incentive Act.


Sage Online

Alethia Accounting - Sage one PayrollFrom as little as R57-00 per month for two employees plus R28-50 per month per additional employee. (Click on the picture for full fee list)

Schedule of fees and rates

Software usage fees. You only pay for what you use. The fee per use basis is based on the number of employees that were processed during the payroll processing period in each cycle. An employee is “processed” if there is an earning, deduction, company contribution or fringe benefit value on the employee’s payslip.

      1.  Cost per Employee per month:

Employee        Cost per                     Monthly                   Annual

Bracket           Employee                   Subscription           Subscription cost

                        Month                         Cost                        (10% Discount)

   2                     28.50                           57.00                          615.00

   5                     26.40                          132.00                        1 425.00

  10                    25.20                          252.00                        2 720.00

  15                    25.20                          378.00                        4 080.00

  20                    24.00                          480.00                        5 185.00

  25                    23.96                          599.00                        6 470.00

  30                    22.77                          683.00                        7 375.00

  40                    22.80                          912.00                        9 850.00

  50                    21.58                       1 079.00                      11 655.00  

  60                    21.58                       1 295.00                      13 985.00

  70                    20.37                       1 426.00                      15 400.00

  80                    20.39                       1 631.00                      17 615.00

  90                    19.18                       1 726.00                      18 640.00

100                    19.00                       1 900.00                      20 520.00

110                    17.97                       1 977.00                      21 350.00

120                    16.79                       2 015.00                      21 760.00

130                    16.78                       2 182.00                      23 565.00

140                    15.59                       2 182.00                      23 565.00

150                    15.59                       2 338.00                      25 250.00

175                    14.38                       2 517.00                      27 185.00

200                    13.18                       2 636.00                      28 470.00


The invoice will be generated on the last day of each calendar month based on the number of employees per payroll-processing period per cycle closed during the calendar month, and payment terms are 7 days. Access to the software will be restricted should the invoice remain unpaid by the end of the month, following the calendar month in which the invoice was generated. Use of the Software is subject to the terms and conditions of the Sage One Payroll’s Software Licence Agreement.

      4. Free upload of previous payslips.

Take on your employees’ financial history at no charge. The calendar month in which you add your company on our online payroll software will determine your first live payroll period. Any payroll periods processed before that month are deemed to be take-on periods and processing will be free of charge. Any weekly or biweekly payroll periods that are linked to the “first live payroll month” will be chargeable. Note that invoices are not generated for take-on periods.

      5. Other services.

We provide consulting, training, payslips and other services as may be agreed upon in writing by the parties from time to time. The applicable rates will be quoted for acceptance prior to the service being performed, or the products being delivered or collected.

All prices are inclusive of VAT. Inflationary adjustments to the rates are made on 1 January of each year. The rate increase is applicable for any processing done from 1 January, regardless of the payroll month processed.